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Hue Motorbike Tours

Hue has always been associated with a dreamy, ancient look even though it has now become one of the central cities of Vietnam. Gaining its reputation as a peaceful and ancient city in Vietnam, this place is an ideal tourist attraction for culture vultures. So why not embark on an unforgettable adventure through the heart of Vietnam with Hue motorbike tours and experience the thrill of the open road as you ride on high-quality motorcycles alongside experienced guides from Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert?

These special motorbike tours from Hue will lead you through breathtaking sceneries, quaint communities, and renowned landmarks, providing an engaging and genuine insight into Vietnamese culture. Get ready to create lasting memories and discover the hidden gems of Vietnam on one of our Hue motorcycle tours.!

Exploring Hue Motorbike Tours – The choice of many motorbike riders

General information about Hue

Hue is not only one of the biggest cities in central Vietnam but also one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam. Hue has a long-standing culture, has a world-recognized historical relic complex along with charming landscapes which attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to experience.

Meanwhile, motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation throughout Vietnam and are an ideal way to explore the beautiful city of Hue. Motorbikes can easily navigate from narrow alleys to major highways and can be parked with ease. Joining Hue Motorbike Tours, you can experience the beauty of nature up close, whether it’s riding up hills or exploring the countryside.

Exploring Hue Motorbike Tours – The choice of many motorbike riders

Experience the rich culture and scenic beauty of Hue Vietnam

Hue Traditional Festivals: Celebrating Cultural Heritage

Hue is not just known for its historical sites and scenic beauty; it also hosts a variety of traditional festivals that reflect its rich cultural heritage. Here are some of the most notable festivals celebrated in Hue:

  • Hue Festival: Held biennially, this festival showcases traditional Vietnamese culture through music, dance, theater, and various performances. It attracts artists from all over the world and features events such as street parades, folk games, and culinary fairs.
  • Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year): Like the rest of Vietnam, Hue celebrates the Lunar New Year with great enthusiasm. The city comes alive with traditional customs, family gatherings, special foods, and vibrant decorations. It’s a time for honoring ancestors and welcoming the new year with hope and joy.
  • Hon Chen Temple Festival: This festival takes place twice a year in March and August, honoring the Holy Mother Thien Y A Na. The festival includes a procession of dragon boats on the Perfume River, traditional rituals, and folk performances, making it a colorful and spiritual event.
  • Hue Nam Festival (Hon Chen Festival): Held in April and August, this religious festival involves elaborate rituals to honor the Holy Mother Thien Y A Na. Participants wear traditional costumes, and the festivities include music, dance, and a grand procession on the Perfume River.
  • Mid-Autumn Festival (Tet Trung Thu): Celebrated in September, this festival is especially popular with children. It features lantern parades, lion dances, and special mooncakes. The streets of Hue are lit up with colorful lanterns, creating a magical atmosphere.

Hue traditional festivals offer a glimpse into the city’s cultural richness and are a perfect complement to your motorbike tour, providing unique experiences that enrich your visit.

Best time to Have a Hue Motorbike Tours

Which is the best time to do Motorbike Tour Hue?” must be one of the most concerned questions when motorcycle riders start drawing up their plans. Each season, each time, Hue makes visitors entangled with its beauty.

  • You can choose to join Hue Motorcycle Tours in the spring (from January to the end of February). The weather in the ancient capital at this time is quite warm, with gentle sunshine, fresh air, and sometimes a bit chilly.
  • Around April, Hue capital city enters the festival season. This is also the time when the scenery here enters the changing season, bringing a romantic and poetic beauty. If you love to explore Hue’s breathtaking seas, come to this city in May, June, and July.
  • Autumn in Hue will make you flutter with its lyrical beauty with streets lined with giant crape-myrtles and yellow flamboyants. According to Hue’s travel experience, to capture these beautiful moments of the ancient capital, the experience of traveling to Hue by motorbike is that you should come around September, October, and November.
Best time to Have a Hue Motorbike Tours

March to October is the time Hue has favorable weather

Ideal Travelers for Hue Motorbike Tours

If you reside in provinces or cities near Hue, such as Da Nang, Quang Tri, Quang Binh, Hoi An, Quy Nhon, and so on, you can enjoy this form of tourism. Because these provinces are near Hue, the journey is also more convenient.

Alternatively, if you are an adventurous person who values freedom and comfort, and especially if you have a passion for exploring the authentic beauty and challenge yourself, then traveling to Hue by motorbike is an excellent option worth considering.

Moreover, exploring Hue by motorbike is also very suitable for speed enthusiasts, adventurous but full of fascination

Who should choose Hue motorbike tours?

Hue motorcycle tours are suitable for a lot of people

The Perks of a Motorbike Trip to Hue

Compared to trains, buses, or planes, motorbikes may not be the most modern mode of transportation, but they still remain a popular choice among young people because:

  • Flexible schedule: Joining Hue Motorbike Tours provides the freedom to plan your schedule and be more active with your time. You are free to plan your departure and return times and choose your stopover and boarding points as you like. Unlike flights, bus trips, or train rides, you are not restricted by their set departure times.
  • Scenic route: On your way to Hue, you will pass through many beautiful places, enjoy breathtaking scenery along the way, and immerse yourself in nature. This is difficult to achieve if you are sitting in a four-wheeled vehicle.
  • Affordable cost: Compared to all other means of transport, motorbikes are much cheaper. Traveling by motorbike will only cost you about half of other transport.
Advantages of traveling to Hue by motorbike

Benefits of Motorbiking Hue

Detail Itinerary For Hue Motorbike Tours

Motorbike journey through Hai Van Pass – The Highest Pass in Vietnam

Many riders are drawn to the challenge of traversing the Hai Van Pass due to the intense emotions that it elicits. This route is known for its precarious nature, with a multitude of sharp bends and winding roads that hug the mountainside, making it stand out against the backdrop of majestic mountains. Upon reaching the peak of the Hai Van Pass, one can witness an awe-inspiring natural landscape, with a towering mountain on one side and a vast blue sea on the other.

While the Hai Van Pass is considered the most dangerous road in the Central region, the presence of a road tunnel has resulted in a relatively low number of vehicles passing through it, making it a more open and less risky route for those who choose to take it on.

Detail Itinerary For Hue Motorbike Tours

Hai Van Pass – the stunningly beautiful location unique that only Vietnam has

Hai Van Quan – Hue motorbike tours

One of the stops on this route is Hai Van Quan. It not only boasts beautiful natural scenery but also has a majestic and contemplative beauty that is steeped in history. From the top of the pass, looking to the south, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Da Nang City with its shimmering colors, as well as the beauty of the Son Tra peninsula and Cu Lao Cham. To the north, you can admire the tranquil Lap An Lagoon and Lang Co Bay.

Hai Van Quan - Hue motorbike tours

Hai Van Quan – one of the favorite stopover coordinates of many travelers

Enjoy the spectacular beauty of Lang Co Bay by motorbike

Lang Co Bay is about 8 km long and situated along National Highway 1A, adjacent to Hai Van Pass and 24 km from Bach Ma National Park. This beach boasts a gentle coastline and white sand, making it an ideal destination for beach tourism and resort activities. It has been recognized as an outstanding resort for several decades. Along the foothills of Hai Van Mountain, Lang Co Bay is home to coral reefs, lobsters, and a variety of high-value seafood.

Lang Co Beach: Pristine White Sand and Crystal-Clear Waters

Lang Co Beach: Pristine White Sand and Crystal-Clear Waters

Lap An Lagoon – a destination in Hue Motor Tours

Lap An Lagoon is located about 60 km away from the center of Hue City. The lagoon boasts a simple and rustic natural beauty, surrounded on one side by the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, and on the other side by Lang Co beach, with its turquoise-like water. If you visit the lagoon early in the morning, you can witness the gentle rays of sunlight peeking out from behind the breathtakingly beautiful Bach Ma mountain range. At noon, the sun shines brightly on the entire area, causing the surface of the lagoon to sparkle with rays of sunlight, and the silhouettes of boats to lie quietly. As the afternoon wears on, the red sun disappears behind the Bach Ma mountain range, leaving behind a fanciful orange-yellow hue on the surface of the lake.

Lap An Lagoon - a destination in Hue Motor Tours

Lap An Lagoon – adestination in Hue Motor Tours – owns a wild and rustic beauty when exploring by motorbike

Tam Giang Lagoon – Beautiful destination of Hue Motor Tours

Tam Giang Lagoon is a lagoon system in Thua Thien Hue covering an area of about 52 km, located roughly 15 km south of the center of Hue City.

If you have the chance to visit Tam Giang Lagoon, you’ll be struck by the vastness of this place, truly deserving of its recognition as one of the largest lagoons in Southeast Asia. At any time of day, the scenery and the people here can take your breath away. In the morning, the sparkling water shimmers in the bright dawn light. In the afternoon, Tam Giang Lagoon embodies the spirit of Vietnam’s countryside, with purplish-gray skies and fishing boats returning after a hard day’s work on the immense river.

Tam Giang Lagoon

Dreamy sunset on Tam Giang Lagoon

For travelers who enjoy exploring, riding a motorbike around this lagoon is a must-try activity when joining Hue Motorbike Tours. The road is flat, bordered by rice fields on both sides, and the vast lagoon will make your journey even more memorable.

Last but not least, when you visit Tam Giang Lagoon, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the Ru Cha mangrove forest!

The Autumn Beauty of Ru Cha Mangrove Forest

The Autumn Beauty of Ru Cha Mangrove Forest

Bach Ma National Park – Stunning Destination of Hue Motorbike Tours

Bach Ma National Park is situated about 40 km from the center of Hue City and is among the 30 national-level flora and fauna conservation areas. The park boasts an altitude of around 1450m above sea level and is home to a wide range of ecosystems, flora, and fauna.

Upon entering Bach Ma National Park, visitors are greeted with a refreshing cool breeze that permeates throughout the area. The park is home to over 55 species of plants, including several rare varieties such as rosemary, agarwood, and Bach Ma nuggets.

Bach Ma National Park

Hazy clouds spread the way in Bach Ma – Hue by motorbike experience

A Luoi – beautiful destination in Hue Motorcycle Tours

To reach A Luoi, you’ll need to travel nearly 70 km on Road 49, which connects Hue to this mountainous district. The road winds through scenic passes, making it one of the most beautiful routes in Hue. However, it’s also quite dangerous, so it’s important to ride carefully and have strong riding skills to ensure a safe journey.

The first major challenge is A Co Pass, with one side being a cliff and the other side featuring a fascinating abyss with densely packed forest trees. The road through the pass is difficult, but the reward is a stunning view of A Co bathed in the morning sunlight, offering a colorful and charming natural landscape.

A Luoi - beautiful destination in Hue Motorcycle Tours

Conquer the famous A Co pass in Hue

Visit natural spring Suoi Voi – Hue Motorcycle Tours

One of the highlights of Hue motorbike tours is a visit to Suoi Voi, a natural spring surrounded by lush greenery. Visitors can take a refreshing dip in the cool waters and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of this hidden gem.

Visit natural spring Suoi Voi - Hue Motorbike Tours

Elephant Spring Hue – the unmissable destination for Hue Motorbike Tours

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Hue Motorbike Tours Overview

Highlights of exploring Hue City by Motorbike Tour

  • Take a relaxing day in Bach Ma National Park.
  • Enjoy the blue sea, and white sand in Lang Co Beach.
  • Immerse yourself in the natural and scenic views at Vong Canh Hill.
  • Sail the Perfume River by boat.
  • Experience the vibrant culture and history of Hue City on a motorbike tour.
  • Visit iconic landmarks such as the Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, and Khai Dinh Tomb.
  • Visit to learn about Ho Quyen – Dien Voi Re relic.
  • Experience the incense-making process at Thuy Xuan Handicraft village.
  • Taste the genuine local cuisine and discover the culinary traditions.
  • Connect with friendly locals to gain insights into their daily lives.
Highlights of exploring Hue City by Motorbike Tour

Distinctive and colorful Thuy Xuan Incense Village in Hue

Hue Motorbike Tours Price Includes/Excludes

Total price includes

  • Experienced English-speaking tour guides provided (2 guides/mechanics for groups of 5 riders).
  • Quality Honda XR150L or Honda CRF250L bikes, or other available bikes, fueled up and ready to go.
  • For safety, we offer quality helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads, and rain jackets/pants.
  • All meals included, featuring delicious local Vietnamese cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Accommodation includes a twin share room in a standard hotel or homestay mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Boat rides on lakes or rivers included as per itinerary.
  • Entrance fees and permits included.
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off before and after the tour.
  • Adventure captured with updated GoPro video.


  • Health insurance
  • Bike damages
  • Personal expenses
  • Beverages and gratuities
  • Airfare and visa fees for Vietnam
Hue Motorbike Tours Price Includes/Excludes

Prices includes and exclude of Hue Motorcycle Tours

Things to prepare for Hue Motorbike Tours

When joining Motorbike Tour Hue, it’s important to pack some essential items to ensure a complete trip. These include appropriate clothing, money, and necessary documents. Here’s a list of things to prepare when joining Motorbike Tour Hue:


Based on Hue’s travel experience, clothing is an important factor to consider. It’s worth checking the weather forecast and location to ensure that appropriate clothing is packed. Here are some outfit suggestions for the trip:

  • Streetwear and beachwear: For summer trips, opt for cool clothing. For other months, choose modest clothing.
  • Dress appropriately when visiting sacred sites: Choose neat and polite clothing.
  • Clothing for adventure and exploration: For comfort when climbing and walking in mountains and forests, select shorts, jeans, t-shirts, and sports shoes.

Cash and bank cards

Cash and bank cards are essential items to prepare before embarking on your trip. Based on our experience joining Hue Motorbike tours, we recommend bringing 2 to 4 million VND in cash. Any remaining funds can be kept on a bank card, which is both secure and convenient for use during your journey.


Having a valid identity document is essential when traveling to Hue. Before embarking on your journey, ensure that you have a full identity card, citizen identification card, driving license, passport, and any other necessary documents. For professional riders, it is especially important to ensure that both their identity and vehicle papers are in order. By diligently preparing all required documents and adhering to traffic laws, you can avoid any potential issues with law enforcement.

Medicines and medical supplies

Medications and medical supplies are essential items to pack for any trip. The weather in Hue can be quite harsh and unpleasant, so it is recommended to bring cold medicine and fever patches. If you plan to explore the mountains and forests in Hue, it is advisable to bring bandages and insect repellent to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Things to prepare for Hue Motorbike Tours

Well-equipped safety kit can ensure safe Hue Motorcycle Tours

Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert – Your Trusted & High-Quality Hue Motorbike Tour Organizers

When it comes to exploring Vietnam on a motorbike, there are many options to choose from. However, it can be challenging to find a tour company that is both trustworthy and professional. Fortunately, the Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert is here to help. Our team of experienced riders has been organizing tours in the Hue region for years, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience.

Many years of experience in organizing Hue Motorcycle Tours

Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert has been organizing Hue motorbike tours for over 10+ years. We have extensive experience in creating safe, fun, and memorable trips for our clients. Whether you’re interested in exploring Hue’s historical sites, the stunning landscapes of the Central Highlands, or the coastal beauty of Central Vietnam Motorbike Tours, we have the perfect tour for you.

Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert - Your Trusted & High-Quality Hue Motorbike Tour Organizers

Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert has 10+ years experience in organizing Hue motorcycle tours

#1 ranking on TripAdvisor

Take a look at our TripAdvisor reviews Vietnam Motorbike Tour Experts to see why we are the top-rated Hue motorbike tours company. Our customers appreciate our amiable guides, our well-maintained bikes, and our flexible itineraries. We always strive to go above and beyond to guarantee your contentment and ease during the tour.

Top-tier quality motorbikes at Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert

At Hue Motorcycle Tours, we take pride in providing our customers with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert’s high-quality motorcycles that are regularly serviced and safety-checked. We offer a variety of models to choose from based on your preferences and skill level, ranging from automatic scooters to manual dirt bikes. Additionally, all of our bikes come equipped with helmets, gloves, raincoats, and luggage racks for your convenience.

Top-tier quality motorbikes at Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert

The best touring motorbikes for on and off-road experience

A professional, skillful guide team supports you 24/24

At Hue Motor Tours, we not only invest heavily in motorbike quality, but we also have a team of professional, skilled, and passionate tour guides who are eager to share their knowledge and experience with you. They will guide you through the best routes, reveal hidden gems, and immerse you in the local culture of each destination. Additionally, they are available 24/7 to assist you with any emergency or problem. Our thoughtful and dedicated advice will ensure that you have a comfortable visit, enjoy the beautiful scenery and roads, and savor the delicious cuisine in the ancient land of Hue.

A professional, skillful guide team supports you 24/24

Best service in town to help you discover the hidden charms of Hue and Vietnam

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to experience those amazing Hue Motorcycle Tours!

Hue Motorbike Tours Travel Tips

It’s worth noting that the tourist attractions in Hue are spread out, particularly the scenic spots. Therefore, based on the experience of joining Hue Motorcycle Tours, travelers on two wheels should consider the following Hue travel tips to make their journey much smoother.

  • Wear comfortable sports shoes or sandals for the trip.
  • Bring a smartphone or camera to capture the beautiful scenery.
  • Make sure you have a reliable motorbike, and check key components like tires, petrol, headlights, horns, turning signals, and mirrors to prevent any issues while on the road.
  • Don’t forget to pack a raincoat in case of rainy weather.
  • Bring enough drinking water to stay hydrated and energized during your trip through the ancient capital.
  • It’s also wise to bring along some basic motorbike repair tools, such as repair kits, pliers, wrenches, and millet flags, and know how to use them. Repair shops are difficult to come by along the way, so it’s best to be proactive and prepared.
  • Check the lunar calendar for Hue festival activities and compare it with your itinerary to plan your trip accordingly.
  • Learn some local phrases to facilitate communication, as the phonetics in Hue can be difficult to understand.
  • Be sure to try some of the delicious local cuisine, such as Hue beef noodle soup, mussel rice, banh beo, banh nam, banh loc, Hue tea, sour shrimp paste, and “Nam Phổ” tapioca noodle soup.
  • Keep in mind that the complex of the ancient capital – Hue Citadel – is quite large, so plan your itinerary accordingly.
  • Note that the weather in Hue during the dry season can be extremely hot, so choose comfortable and lightweight clothing, and pack extra sunscreen, sunglasses, and plenty of mineral water.
  • Finally, be aware that dishes in Hue are often quite spicy, so consider this before ordering, or communicate your preferences with the seller in advance.
Hue Motorbike Tours Travel Tips

Explore the culinary quintessence of the ancient capital – Hue Food

Above are some experiences from Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert for those of you who are planning Hue motorbike tours. Before traveling to Hue, take a moment to learn about the city’s history, which will give you a better understanding of Hue and make your trip more complete. Now, why wait? Pack your backpack, hop on your motorbike, and explore all the places mentioned above! If you’re interested in booking a motorbike tour, you can contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at https://motorbiketourexpert.com.