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Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours

Ha Giang, a province in Vietnam’s Northeast region, is celebrated for its stunning landscapes, rich ethnic cultures, and historical sites. Exploring Ha Giang motorcycle tour is an excellent way to fully appreciate its beauty and diversity. If you’re planning to visit Ha Giang, continue reading this article for more information.

Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours: An Ideal Adventure for Thrill Seeker

Ha Giang, situated about 320 km from Hanoi City in the Northeast region of Vietnam, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and awe-inspiring roads. This northern province offers a captivating experience with its dramatic natural beauty. Through our North Vietnam Motorbike Tours or Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, you can immerse yourself in exploring Ha Giang’s majestic scenery. Often highlighted as the pinnacle of Vietnam Motorcycle Tours in the North, Ha Giang delivers unique emotions and breathtaking experiences that are unparalleled elsewhere.

For any adventure-seeking rider, traversing Ha Giang’s hills and passes is like exploring a masterpiece of nature, presenting an opportunity to challenge and conquer oneself. Opting for one of our Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours is an essential and unforgettable part of your exploration of Vietnam!

Ha Giang Loop Motorbike Tours: An Ideal Adventure for Thrill Seeker

Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours: An Ideal Adventure for Thrill Seeker

Must-Visit Highlights on Ha Giang Motorbike Tours

When you embark on Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours, make sure to explore these renowned features:

  • Ma Pi Leng Pass: A must-visit on your Ha Giang journey, this awe-inspiring 20-mile stretch connects Dong Van and Meo Vac districts. Experience the beauty of the Nho Que River during Ma Pi Leng Pass Motorbike Tours.
  • Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark: Recognized by UNESCO, this expansive area spans four Ha Giang districts and is home to diverse ethnic groups. Explore it all on our Dong Van Motorbike Tours.
  • Lung Cu Flag Tower: Standing proudly as Vietnam’s northernmost point, this 34-meter tower offers panoramic views from its 1,470-meter elevation. Don’t miss the iconic Vietnamese flag atop during your exploration.
Embark Ha Giang motorbike tours to Lung Cu Flag Tower

Embark Ha Giang motorcycle tours to Lung Cu Flag Tower

Top 11 Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert

Discover the pinnacle of adventure with Motorbike Tour Expert’s Ha Giang motorcycle tours. Delve into 11 unique journeys, meticulously crafted to blend your wanderlust with our expertise.

1. Ha Giang Loop Adventure: 4-Day Exploration

Embark on the thrilling Ha Giang Loop Adventure, a 4-day expedition through captivating landscapes. Led by seasoned English-speaking guides, explore hidden paths beyond the tourist trail.

Experience the unique 4-Day Ha Giang Loop motorbike tour with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert

Experience the unique 4-Day Ha Giang motorcycle tours with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert

Traverse the majestic Dong Van karst plateau, conquer the exhilarating Ma Pi Leng pass, and immerse yourself in local hill tribe cultures.

  • Duration: 4 Days/3 Nights.
  • Destinations: Ha Giang – Heaven Gate – Nam Dam Handicraft Village – Quan Ba – Yen Minh – Lung Cu – Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng – Meo Mac – Du Gia – Ha Giang.

2. Experience the Majesty: 15-Day Grand Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tour

Embark on the Grand Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tour – an extraordinary 15-day journey across Northern Vietnam, highlighting the majestic landscapes of the Northwest and Northeast regions. Departing from Hanoi, you’ll traverse breathtaking terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai, delve into the unique geological wonders of the Ha Giang – Dong Van Rock Plateau, and marvel at the awe-inspiring Ban Gioc Waterfalls.

Discover stunning terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai

Discover stunning terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local cultures and traditions of ethnic communities along the way. Explore Ba Be Lake, Ha Long Bay, and ride through picturesque landscapes with customizable difficulty levels tailored to your riding expertise. This tour offers an unforgettable adventure through Vietnam’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

  • Duration: 15 Days/ 14 Nights.
  • Destinations: Hanoi – Pu Luong – Ta Xua Mountain – Mu Cang Chai – Sapa – Bac Ha – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Cao Bang – Ban Gioc Waterfalls – Ha Long Bay – Hanoi.

3. Discover Ha Giang’s Charm: 5-Day Motorbike Tour From Hanoi

Embark on the Ha Giang Motor Trip From Hanoi, an enriching 5-day motorbike tour through Ha Giang and Northeast Vietnam, starting from Hanoi. Marvel at the awe-inspiring rocky mountain vistas, traverse the rugged landscapes of the Dong Van Rocky Plateau and Ma Pi Leng Pass, and immerse yourself in the allure of the picturesque town of Meo Vac.

Marvel at outstanding rocky mountain views

Marvel at outstanding rocky mountain views

Explore the natural wonders of Ba Be National Park before returning to Hanoi. This tour offers a perfect blend of adventure and cultural immersion, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

  • Duration: 5 Days/4 Nights.
  • Destination: Hanoi – Thac Ba Lake – Ha Giang – Dong Van Rocky Plateau – Ma Pi Leng Pass – Meo Vac – Ba Be National Park – Hanoi.

4. Immerse in Northern Vietnam: 8-Day Motorcycle Tour

Set off on the Motorbike Tour Around Northern Vietnam, an exhilarating adventure that takes you across Northern Vietnam’s majestic landscapes and cultural treasures. Departing from Hanoi, you’ll discover the serene beauty of Ba Be Lake & National Park, travel through the lush Mai Chau Valley, and be amazed by the stunning terraced rice fields of Sapa and Mu Cang Chai. Interact with local ethnic communities, tailor routes to your riding proficiency, and experience genuine hospitality amidst vibrant traditions for an unforgettable expedition.

Experience of a lifetime in Northern Vietnam!

Experience of a lifetime in Northern Vietnam!

  • Duration: 8 Days/7 Nights.
  • Destination: Hanoi – Ba Be – Meo Vac – Dong Van – Ha Giang – Bac Ha – Sapa – Than Uyen – Phu Yen – Mai Chau – Hanoi.

5. Authentic Vietnam Discovery: 12-Day Motorbike Tour

Begin the Authentic Vietnam Discovery, a 12-day motorcycle tour designed for an authentic and immersive experience through Northern Vietnam. Ride through majestic mountain passes, traverse terraced rice fields, and marvel at the unique Rock Plateau in Ha Giang. Witness the awe-inspiring Ban Gioc Waterfalls and unwind by the tranquil Ba Be Lake. This tour provides a perfect blend of on and off-road riding, cultural exploration, and breathtaking vistas, ensuring an unforgettable adventure that showcases Vietnam’s diverse landscapes and cultural richness.

  • Duration: 12 Days/11 Nights.
  • Destination: Mai Chau – Mu Cang Chai – Sapa – Ha Giang – Meo Vac – Cao Bang – Ban Gioc Waterfall – Ba Be Lake – Thac Ba Lake.

6- Discover Northeast Vietnam: 8-Day Motorbike Adventure

Discover the enchanting beauty and cultural richness of Northeast Vietnam on the Motorbike Ride Northeast Vietnam, an 8-day journey. Explore scenic marvels such as Ba Be Lake, Thac Ba Lake, Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, and the breathtaking Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Venture into remote regions to immerse yourself in the captivating cultures of hill tribes like H’Mong, Dzao, Lo Lo, Tay, and Thai. This tour ensures an unforgettable adventure for nature enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike, providing an authentic and exhilarating experience in Northeast Vietnam.

Discover breathtaking landscapes and rich local culture

Discover breathtaking landscapes and rich local culture

  • Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights.
  • Destination: Hanoi – Thac Ba lake – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Bao Lac – Ba Be lake.

7- Experience Vietnam: 17-Day Cross-Country Motorbike Tour”

Embark on a comprehensive 17-day motorbike tour across Vietnam, journeying through breathtaking landscapes and historic sites. Starting from Hanoi, explore Ba Be National Park, marvel at the majestic Ban Gioc Waterfall, traverse the dramatic Dong Van – Ha Giang Rock Plateau, immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Sapa, and follow significant parts of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, including the DMZ area. This tour offers off-road adventures in Northern Vietnam and delves into Vietnam’s history, including the Vietnam War, along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the southern part of the country.

Motorbike Tour Around Vietnam

Motorbike Tour Around Vietnam

  • Duration: 17 Days/ 16 Nights.
  • Destination: Hanoi – Ba Be National Park – Ban Gioc Waterfall – Dong Van – Ha Giang – Sapa – Northwest – Ho Chi Minh Trail – Phong Nha – Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An.

8- Top Gear Inspired: 23-Day Vietnam Motorbike Expedition

Set off on the ultimate Top Gear Tour Through Vietnam, inspired by the iconic Top Gear special. This expansive 23-day motorbike adventure covers nearly 3000 km, guiding you off the beaten path through the misty highlands, along breathtaking coastal routes, and across diverse landscapes. Starting in Saigon and culminating in Hanoi, this journey uncovers the true essence of Vietnam, far beyond the usual tourist destinations.

As you traverse from the southern hustle to the serene north, experience a tapestry of breathtaking sights and cultural encounters. Explore the rugged beauty of Ha Giang, the historical depths of Cao Bang, and the majestic flows of Ban Gioc Waterfall. Navigate through the emerald waters of Ha Long Bay and discover hidden gems along the way.

This tour not only promises thrilling rides and scenic marvels but also immerses you in the local cultures. Meet diverse ethnic groups and learn about their traditions, enjoy regional cuisines, and connect with the vibrant spirit of Vietnam. Each day unfolds new adventures and picturesque landscapes, ensuring that your journey through Vietnam on this Top Gear-inspired tour is truly unforgettable.

  • Duration: 23 Days/22 Nights.
  • Destination: Saigon – Cat Tien – Da Lat – Nha Trang – Hoi An – Khe Sanh – Hanoi – Ha Giang – Cao Bang – Ban Gioc waterfall – Ha Long -Hanoi.
Traverse misty highlands and coastal routes

Traverse misty highlands and coastal routes

9- Experience Northern Vietnam: 15-Day Motorcycle Adventure”

Join the Full North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour and gear up for a thrilling 15-day ride that takes you deep into the heart of Northern Vietnam’s most breathtaking scenery and vibrant cultural tapestry. Kickstart your adventure through rugged mountain passes that challenge and exhilarate, and zoom across landscapes dotted with iconic rice terraces and stark rock plateaus.

Feel the spray of the majestic Ba Gioc Waterfall on your face, and let the serene waters of Ba Be Lake and Thac Ba Lake soothe your spirit. This isn’t just a motorcycle tour—it’s a front-row seat to the cultural symphony of Northern Vietnam, offering intimate encounters with diverse communities from the H’Mong to the Tay. Get ready for a journey packed with adventure, insight, and memories that cling as tightly as the curves on your mountain road.

  • Duration: 15 Days/ 14 Nights
  • Destination: Hanoi – Mai Chau – Son La – Muong Lay – Lai Chau – Sapa – Min Man – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Cao Bang – Ba Gioc Waterfall – Ba Be lake – Thac Ba lake – Hanoi.
Full North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour

Full North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour

10- Discover Northern Vietnam: 11-Day Motorbike Adventure

Kickstart your Motorbike Holiday North Vietnam, an extraordinary 11-day tour that invites you on an immersive journey through the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultures of Northern Vietnam. Departing from Hanoi, this adventure takes you through stunning mountain passes and lush terraced fields, all tailored to match every skill level and preference.

Your adventure begins in the vibrant streets of Hanoi, setting the stage for what’s to come. Ride into the picturesque valleys of Mai Chau and the sunlit slopes of Phu Yen. As you climb into the highlands, be awed by the sprawling terraced fields of Mu Cang Chai. In Sapa, delve into the rich tapestry of ethnic cultures, mingling with locals and discovering their traditions.

Continue to Bac Ha, known for its vibrant market filled with colorful handicrafts, then venture to the remote beauty of Hoang Su Phi and the rugged landscapes of Ha Giang. The journey pushes onward through the geological wonders of Dong Van and the sweeping passes of Meo Vac, providing thrilling rides and stunning views.

As you loop back towards Hanoi, take time to unwind by the tranquil waters of Ba Be Lake and Thac Ba Lake, serene oases that offer a peaceful respite from the exhilarating rides of preceding days. This motorbike holiday is more than just a tour; it’s a comprehensive exploration of Northern Vietnam’s most scenic and culturally rich regions, designed to forge lasting memories and a deep connection to this enchanting part of the world.

  • Duration: 11 Days/ 10 Nights.
  • Destination: Hanoi – Mai Chau – Phu Yen – Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen – Sapa – Bac Ha – Hoang Su Phi – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Bao Lac – Ba Be lake – Thac Ba Lake – Hanoi.
Motorbike Holiday North Vietnam

Motorbike Holiday North Vietnam

11- Experience Northeast Vietnam: 6-Day Ha Giang Motorbike Tour

Embark on a top-rated 6-day Ha Giang Motorbike Tour to discover the beauty and culture of Northeast Vietnam. Explore the stunning Global Rock Plateau in Dong Van, the pristine Ba Be Lake, and immerse yourself in the colorful culture of local hill tribes. This tour offers a mix of on and off-road tracks tailored to your riding preferences, ensuring an authentic and thrilling northeast Vietnam experience.

  • Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights.
  • Destination: Hanoi – Ba Be lake – Bao Lac – Meo Vac – Dong Van – Ha Giang – Vu Linh – Hanoi.
Great Motorbike Tour to Northeast Vietnam

Great Motorbike Tour to Northeast Vietnam

Why Choose Ha Giang Motorbike Tours for Exploring Ha Giang?

  • Flexibility: Ride at your own pace, stop for photos, and engage with locals, enjoying the features of Ha Giang on your own terms.
  • Thrill and Challenge: Experience the excitement of navigating winding and steep roads, with the freedom to adjust your itinerary as needed.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Explore spectacular landscapes on foot or by kayak, from limestone mountains to blooming flowers, river valleys, and ethnic villages.
  • Trekking: Immerse yourself in nature, breathing in the fresh air and finding inspiration as you trek through the hills and mountains of Ha Giang.
  • Northeast Vietnam Exploration: In addition to the highlights of the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, such as Ma Pi Leng Pass and Lung Cu Flag Tower, our tours also showcase the beauty of destinations like Thac Ba Lake and Ba Be National Park.
The poetic beauty of Ha Giang through the mountain passes

The poetic beauty of Ha Giang through the mountain passes

6 Tips for an Unforgettable Ha Giang Motorbike Tour

If you’re considering a Ha Giang motorcycle tour, here are 6 tips for the safest and most rewarding experience

1. Ensure Smooth Travels with Advanced Booking

Plan ahead to secure your spot on a ha giang loop tour from hanoi by booking in advance, especially during peak seasons when availability may be limited. By reserving early, you guarantee access to top-quality motorbikes and accommodations, avoiding the hassle of last-minute arrangements and ensuring a seamless start to your adventure in Ha Giang.

2. Elevate Your Exploration with Knowledgeable Guidance

Enhance your experience of Ha Giang’s wonders by entrusting your journey to a seasoned guide. When selecting a guide for your Ha Giang loop tour from Hanoi, prioritize experience and expertise. A knowledgeable guide not only leads you to the region’s iconic attractions but also serves as a cultural ambassador, offering insights into local customs and traditions, facilitating communication with residents, and providing invaluable assistance in navigating unfamiliar terrain. With their guidance, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the landscapes, history, and culture of Ha Giang, ensuring a truly enriching and immersive adventure.

Choose the best reputable guide for your Ha Giang tours

Choose the best reputable guide for your Ha Giang tours

3. Ensure Seamless Border Crossing with Proper Documentation

Prepare for your ha giang motorbike tour by securing the necessary travel permit well in advance. Ha Giang, with its proximity to the Chinese border, requires travelers to obtain a specific permit to visit the region. This administrative step is crucial for ensuring a smooth journey through this stunning area.

To obtain your permit, you can either visit the immigration office in Ha Giang town upon your arrival or, for a more streamlined process, coordinate with your tour operator who can handle the details on your behalf. Securing this permit before your trip begins is highly recommended to avoid any potential delays that could impact your itinerary.

By having your travel permit ready, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re fully prepared to explore the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage that Ha Giang has to offer. This region is renowned for its rugged terrain, spectacular rice terraces, and the vibrant cultures of its hill tribes. Getting your permit in advance ensures that you can immerse yourself in the beauty and intrigue of Ha Giang without any bureaucratic interruptions, making your Ha Giang Loop Tour from Hanoi a truly unforgettable experience.

4. Prioritize Safety with Comprehensive Motorbike Inspections

Before embarking on your ha giang loop tour from hanoi, take the time to conduct thorough checks on your vehicle. Ensure that all essential components, including lights, brakes, tires, and engine, are in optimal condition. By prioritizing safety and maintenance, you’ll minimize the risk of breakdowns or accidents, allowing you to focus on enjoying the stunning scenery and unforgettable experiences that await you in Ha Giang.



5. Pack Thoughtfully for Comfort and Convenience

Prepare for your Ha Giang loop tour by packing strategically, taking into account the duration of your trip and the diverse terrain you’ll encounter. Pack weather-appropriate clothing, including layers for cooler temperatures at higher elevations. Additionally, bring essential items such as sunscreen, insect repellent, and a first-aid kit to ensure your comfort and well-being throughout your journey. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water and snacks to stay hydrated and energized during long rides. With thoughtful packing, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the challenges and savor the delights of your Ha Giang motorbike tour.

6. Stay Hydrated for Optimal Performance and Comfort

Hydration is key to staying healthy and alert during your Ha Giang motorcycle tours. Be sure to pack an ample supply of water and drink regularly throughout the day, especially in hot and humid conditions. Consider investing in a hydration pack or water bladder to ensure easy access to hydration while riding. By staying properly hydrated, you’ll maintain peak performance and enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable experience as you explore the breathtaking landscapes and cultural wonders of Ha Giang.

Read more: 10 Motorbike Safety Tips For An Unforgettable Experience

When to Plan Your Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours

Discovering the ideal time for Ha Giang motorcycle tours hinges on your preferences and needs. If immersing yourself in local festivals and traditions celebrated by ethnic groups is your aim, consider planning your trip between January and April or from September to November. During these periods, Ha Giang’s spring season blooms with vibrant flowers like plum, peach, and yellow blossoms, offering a picturesque backdrop for cultural festivities.

Expect dry, sunny weather with an average temperature of 18°C, though nights and higher altitudes can be chilly, so pack accordingly. Additionally, these months coincide with Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, marked by diverse cultural celebrations among the local communities.

The best time to travel to Ha Giang is based on the riders’ needs

The best time to travel to Ha Giang is based on the riders’ needs

For those eager to explore Ha Giang’s winding roads on a motorbike adventure, April and May present an ideal window. With warm yet pleasant temperatures averaging around 26°C, clear blue skies, and minimal rainfall, these months offer optimal riding conditions. Moreover, the rice fields are in full bloom during this time, creating stunning reflections of the sky’s hues, adding to the region’s allure.

Final Words

Venturing on a motorbike tour in Vietnam, particularly around Ha Giang, promises to be an unparalleled experience, provided you opt for the right operation. Riding motorbike tour ha giang offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery, engage with locals, savor delectable cuisine and wine, and delve into the rich history and culture of Northern Vietnam. Choose wisely, and let your journey through Ha Giang be an unforgettable adventure filled with discovery and wonder.

Contact Info Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert:

Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert - One of the best motorcycle tour organizer in town to join!

Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert – One of the best motorcycle tour organizer in town to join!

Booking Your Adventure: All You Need to Know at Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert

Tour Pricing:

At Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert, our tour prices are structured based on two main factors: the number of riders and the type of bikes chosen. The larger the group, the lower the cost per rider, and opting for smaller bikes results in reduced prices. For accurate pricing details, please reach out to us directly. Below is a sample pricing breakdown for our regular North Vietnam motorbike tour, utilizing 150cc bikes:

  • Solo Rider Tour: $210 USD per day
  • Tour for 2 Riders: $160 USD per day per person
  • Tour for 3 Riders: $150 USD per day per person
  • Tour for 4–10 Riders: $140 USD per day per person

For further information or to inquire about pricing for your specific group size and bike preference, please don’t hesitate to contact us.”

Important Notes

Important Notes for Your Motorbike Tour with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert:

  • Tailored Tours: We specialize in customizing tours to match your preferences and desired dates. Simply share your expectations with us, and we’ll create a personalized itinerary just for you.
  • Exclusions: Please note that the tour price excludes support vehicles, air tickets, and airport pick-up/drop-off services. However, we can arrange these additional services for you at an extra cost if needed.
  • Bike Options: We offer a range of bikes, including larger models, for your tours. Contact us for more details on bike options available.
  • Special Tours: The prices listed above apply specifically to our Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours. For special tours on the Ho Chi Minh trail or those crossing the border to Laos or Cambodia, additional charges may apply. Please reach out to us for further details.
  • Price Adjustments: Tour prices may vary depending on factors such as low/high tourist seasons or special requests. Contact us directly to ensure you receive the most accurate pricing for your tour.

For any inquiries or to discuss your tour requirements, feel free to contact us at any time. We’re here to ensure your motorbike tour experience is tailored to perfection.

What’s Included Your Motorbike Tour

Tour price included:

  • Experienced Guides: Professional English-speaking tour guides, accompanied by a mechanic for added support throughout the journey.
  • Quality Bikes: Well-maintained Honda XR150L/CRF250L/CRF300L or equivalent bikes, complete with all fuel required for the tour.
  • Safety Gear: Provided safety equipment including helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads, as well as rain jackets and pants.
  • Meals and Accommodation: All meals consisting of authentic local Vietnamese cuisine, including breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Accommodation provided includes twin-share rooms in hotels or homestays as outlined in the itinerary.
  • Boat Rides: Enjoy scenic boat rides on lakes or river crossings as specified in the tour itinerary.
  • Entrance Fees and Permits: All entrance fees to attractions and necessary permits are covered.
  • Hotel Transfers: Convenient hotel pick-up and drop-off services before and after the tour.
  • Video Memories: Receive a high-quality video capturing the highlights of your trip.
  • Souvenirs: Take home mementos from our team, including a Café Cup and Cap.

Booking Conditions

Reservation Process:

  • Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit.
  • To secure your reservation, we require a deposit ranging from 10% to 30% of the total tour cost, depending on the specifics of your tour.

Payment Policies:

  • When you’re ready to book a tour, we’ll provide you with a secure payment link to pay the required deposit using your credit card.
  • Please note that a 3.5% bank service fee will be surcharged for credit card payments.
  • The remaining balance must be paid in full at our shop just before the tour begins.
  • Payment can be made in cash (USD or Euro) or by credit card, with a 3.5% surcharge for credit card payments.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • The deposit is non-refundable, but you have the option to postpone your booking to another time.
  • No refunds will be issued in cases of bad weather conditions or customer-related reasons.
  • In the event of a technical breakdown with your bike, we will replace it with the same type of bike, and our guide/mechanic will attempt to fix your bike within a day.
  • If technical issues persist, resulting in a shortened tour, you will receive a refund for the day you cannot finish.
  • If you need to cancel your booking, you may choose to postpone to another time or transfer it to another person.
  • Please note that any associated administration costs are your responsibility, and it’s your duty to ensure that your nominee pays the full amount.

Age Limitation and License Requirements:

  • While there is no specific age limit or license requirement, all participants must be in good health, physically fit, and capable of riding a motorbike.